Sensory Drama Studio at Brays Sheldon
At Brays School we believe all pupils are creative individuals. Creativity takes place during sessions or activities that help pupils learn in different ways, through doing things that are new and exciting. We believe all subjects should be exciting for our pupils, so we take a creative and thematic approach to the National Curriculum.

Half Termly Themes
Every half term we cover a different theme. the themes are on a four yearly rota so we have twenty-four different themes. Teachers plan their lessons around the themes, informed by class staff mind mapping sessions, this means that there are always new ways of exploring the different subjects, focusing on important parts of the curriculum that link perfectly with the themes.

Sensory Drama Studio
To give our pupils experiences of our Themes that are as real and meaningful as possible we have created a Sensory Drama Studio often called the Creative Space. The Studio is a large room with theatre lights and a sound system, decorated with exciting props and materials. The purpose of the studio is to make learning multisensory, exciting and meaningful to all our pupils.
The Sensory Drama Studio is linked to our Themes, for example, during our Ancient Egypt Theme the studio is made to look like a palace, with gold cloth draped from thrones and a Pharaoh ready to meet the pupils.
The lights, sounds and decorations in the Sensory Drama Studio change every week for five weeks every half term and all pupils in school visit the Studio for a weekly session.

Themes in the Sensory Drama Studio
Pupils explore the different Themes that make up our curriculum in the Sensory Drama Studio; we find the best way of learning about Themes that could otherwise be difficult for our pupils to understand, making our Creative Space sessions as real and exciting as possible.
Every week during the Sensory Drama Studio changes its lighting, sound and props. The changes to the studio are still part of the same theme but we focus on a different area of learning, for example a different element of transport, a train journey one week a hot air balloon ride the next week.

Earth and Beyond
‘Earth and Beyond’ theme is an example of how every Theme at Brays School has a different workshop every week. During our sessions, pupils explore ‘The Red Planet’ a noisy place with big explosions and a dangerous volcano, ‘The Blue Planet’ a calm water planet, ‘The Green Planet’ A planet that focuses on rings, circles and spheres, ‘The Moon Planet’ A planet that is quite like our own moon, ‘Alien Planet’ an exciting adventure were pupils can interact with a friendly alien that does not speak any human language. For some of our pupils the experiences are multisensory for others
there are opportunities to learn scientific, geographic and historical facts and be involved in challenges and tasks that reflect the Theme.

External Validation
The Sensory Drama Studio forms a key part of our current Arts Mark Gold status and our current Leading Aspect Award, the case study has been featured on the Leading Aspect Award website as an example of excellent practice this academic year.